Benjamin Karls Equipment for the Red Bull Dolomitenmann

Benjamin Karls Equipment for the Red Bull Dolomitenmann
Benjamin Karl will compete in the world's toughest team competition on September 8, 2018, RH77 is part of his equipment.

'The difficulty with the Red Bull Dolomitenmann is to find a bike or a set-up that offers perfect uphill properties and guarantees the best speed even in the downhill section and survives the high speed without damage. I think that you should configure your bike in such a way that you can make good progress and save energy on the uphill, that is definitely a priority. I'm riding a hardtail from BMC Bikes, which has a suspension fork with 100mm travel and because I pay attention to weight, is equipped with ultra-light cross country tires and wheels from Pancho Wheels.
As for the translation, I drive 1x11 and a 34 chainring. If you don't have very strong legs, you can also drive a 32 or 30 because the way up is very steep and exhausting. I make a small weight compromise when it comes to the descent of the brake discs. Since I am relatively heavy, I rely on 180mm brake discs, which give me the necessary safety even at high speed via the former World Cup run H2000.
As far as cycling clothing goes, I am old school because I want to minimize air resistance. So, all skin tight, haha! By the way, the coolest parts are available at RH77. In order to get the last bit of speed out of me, I fill my carbohydrate stores to the point of bursting in the days before the competition, before the start there is a can-shaped boost and then I can start! ' - Red Bull

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