Franz clip "Tour de Franz"

Franz clip "Tour de Franz"

The idea of the Tour de Franz was born in California-America in the 90s. At that time, Franz Klammer was already cycling for a good cause together with Franz Weber, Klaus Heidegger and other well-known sports greats. In 2002, the idea was also adopted by the Feistritzer hobby bike group, of which Franz Klammer is a member. After a ski hut race in Bad Kleinkirchheim, “Häsi” (Hans G. Rainer - journalist) invited Franz Klammer and the Radlrunde to come to him on the Simonhöhe in the summer with a racing bike. The “Tour de Franz” was born in Carinthia. The friends cycled the route from Feistritz / Drau to St. Urban-Simonhöhe with a lot of fun and joy.

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The event grew continuously and soon thanks to generous sponsors, an auction and a raffle, a considerable amount could be raised. Franz Klammer wants the money to remain in Carinthia and to be given to needy Carinthian families. In the meantime, the “Tour de Franz” has achieved great importance in Carinthian cycling and is limited to 75 to a maximum of 100 participants. This results, among other things, from the fact that the target inn takes over the culinary supply of the participants and companions (support vehicles with food and replacement material, doctor, motorcyclist) and it would otherwise no longer be logistically possible to hold the event in its form.

Participation is therefore only possible at the invitation of Franz Klammer. The “Tour de Franz” is a pure charity event - the money is handed over 1: 1 to needy Kärtner families.

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