Bauhaus LS



Ride down memory lane

This amazing design was created in the 1920’s, and was picked up again in the 80’s. Standing the test of time for over a decade at the Tour de France. Our version of the Bauhaus design, with attention to details, we're paying homage to this classic. Striking and Unforgettable. The Bauhaus long-sleeve jersey is perfect for training in the colder seasons.

This unisex jersey is made of 100% elastic thermal lycra and is temperature regulating. The 5 cm high collar protects against cold temperatures. This jersey is based on the cut of our jersey Superspeed and has a three-part back pocket.

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  • Aero Fit
  • Extra zip pocket for the credit card
  • 3D fit
  • Breathable and moisture-repellent fabrics
  • Dries quickly

Care instructions:

  • 30°C wash
  • Do not use fabric softener

  • Wash after every use